Quelaan – Ancient White Spider Witch (Chaos Covenant)



So if you have beaten Quelaag then you have no doubt found the hidden door that leads to the Chaos Covenant. I joined this covenant due to the benifits gained as a Pyromancer (Chaos Firestorm) however you will notice that the leader of this covenant is Quelaan (unconfirmed name) who seems to be the sister of Quelaag.; what you will also notice is that when you try and talk to her all you get is “…?” in response, however this can be resolved if you have the Old Witch Ring.  The frustrating thing is that if you do not have this ring (i.e. not chosen it as your starting gift) then you have to go and get it ( a small guide to that coming soon).

Once you have the ring you can talk to Quelaan and here is the conversation:

  • “Quelaag?”
  • “My Dear Sister”
  • “Quelaag, what is it?”
  • “Quelaag, my dear sister…”
  • “The eggs…it hurts. They’ve gone still…”
  • “I am afraid…it may be too late …”
  • “…I am so sorry, dear sister…”
  • “I’ll be fine, I have you, dear sister.”
  • “But promise me…”
  • “That you will take care of yourself.”
  • Good-bye, Quelaag.”

Considering the work you have to do to to get this ring the above conversation is…..limited and quite a dissapointment. I for one would like to know more about the sisters and their mother and how the Chaos fire turned them into hell beast spider halflings but there you go.


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2 thoughts on “Quelaan – Ancient White Spider Witch (Chaos Covenant)

  1. Laza says:

    Actually you can get the information you asked for. The Chaos Witches mutated into abnormal beasts when they tried to copy a lord soul (or the first flame I’m not sure right now) and that had some fatal consequences. Remember Bed of Chaos? Yep that was “the mother” One witch escaped: Quelana, the one that teaches you advanced pyromancy. You actually get a lot of information from her when you visit her from time to time

  2. Jacob says:

    I am fucking in love with her. Period.

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